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“This was the easiest, most successful fundraiser we have ever had! We made over $13,000.00 in just two weeks with only 150 students selling!!!”

And they’re not the only ones…

Dozens of organizations use this exceptional fundraising product to raise the funds they need…

  • Private K-8, 180 Students – 821 sets = $13,957 profit
  • Private K-8, 176 Students – 435 sets = $7,395 profit
  • Public HS 9-12, 510 students – 840 sets = $14,280 profit
  • Dance Team, 33 participants – 288 sets = $4,896 profit
  • Softball Team, 13 participants – 125 sets = $2,125 profit
  • FBLA HS club, 20 students – 70 sets = $1,190 profit
  • Relay for Life Team, 15 participants – 72 sets = $1,224 profit


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Food based fundraisers maybe hurting your students nutritional values

In 2006, 76% of elementary schools, 78% of middle schools and 84% of high schools sold food or beverages at school or in the community to raise funds for the school

In 2001, the USDA sent a report to congress in which they stated “selling foods of low nutritional value to raise funds for school sends a message to students that good nutrition is unimportant”

Studies show obesity in adolescents has tripled since 1980.

Food based fundraisers are hurting are kids more and more. The trends are obvious and schools need to take a different approach to raising funds.


Bed sheet fundraising to the rescue!

Whether you are raising money for a new building or looking to buy new technology for your students, bed sheet fundraisers will work for your school.

Instead of $1 candy bars, $5 cookies, or $20 gift baskets, by using Amadora’s luxury bed sheets, your school will earn a $17 profit on every item sold.

Your fundraiser can sell less while earning more.

Why should I use bed sheets to fundraise?

  • Bed sheets have a broader appeal, since every modern household uses them
  • Amadora’s Bed sheets rival luxury bed sheets in quality but are a fraction of the retail price
  • Bed sheet fundraisers are unique, and help your school stand out from other fundraisers
  • Parents are paying more attention to nutrition, and a bed sheet fundraiser will not contribute to un-healthy eating habits unlike most food based fundraisers
  • Amadora’s bed sheets come with a full 30-day money-back guarantee, making it risk free for your donors.


What are Amadora bed sheets?

Amadora manufactures and ships all of our own bedsheets. We can legitimately say you will not find our sheets anywhere else in the world.

Our sheets are made with the highest quality materials rivaling, top luxury brands.

Amadora Sheets are made…

  • In 9 Different colors
  • In all bed sizes including King, Queen, Full, & Twin
  • Each set includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, & two pillow cases
  • Each sheet uses flexible microfiber so they fit on ALL mattress types
  • Our sheets are SUPER SOFT because microfiber is 1/100th the diameter of a human hair and 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk

But don’t take our word for it, Get a free sample of our sheets by Requesting a Free Info-Kit Now.


How does Amadora fundraisers work?

Running a fundraiser with us has never been easier. We have created 3 simple steps to start, run, and complete your fundraiser with Amadora.

Running a fundraiser with Amadora requires NO MONEY up-front!

The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Request a free info-kit & consultation

In this info-kit you’ll receive:

  • A free sample of our bed sheet fundraising product
  • A copy of the brochure you’ll be using during the fundraiser to sell
  • A copy of the form you’ll be using to take orders

If you decide to get the no-obligation consultation, we will assess your school’s needs and suggest an effective plan to reach your goals.

If your interested in presenting our fundraising product to your decision makers, we will provide you with a power point presentation you can use in combination with the free sample to present this concept in your next meeting.

Step 2. Starting your fundraiser

Once your ready to start your fundraiser, contact your Amadora representative and you’ll get instant access to our online fundraiser management dashboard.

After your given access to the fundraiser management dashboard simply:

  • Sign your fundraiser agreement in the dashboard.
  • We’ll then send you all of the needed materials to run your fundraiser and take orders at no cost to you.

Step 3. Completing & Processing Your Fundraiser

Once your fundraiser is complete, visit the fundraiser management dashboard and complete the master order form, entering in the total orders from your fundraiser and make the payment for the products you sold.

We’ll then send you the products you sold to distribute to your fundraiser’s donors within 5 – 10 business days.

Your school keeps all the profit!

See what other schools think…

Principal from Hancock County High School says

Raised $16,000 with only 176 participants

“This was the easiest, most successful fundraiser we have ever had! We made over $13,000.00 in just two weeks with only 150 students selling!!!! Working with Amadora could’nt have been easier, they delivered on all their promises!”

– Private School Principal

Principal from St. Ann’s Elementary School says

Raised $14,304 with Only 120 participants

“The sheets are divine! We have totally switched over to Amadora sheets and cannot wait to buy more!

The prices are very reasonable and the selection of colors is great!

The sheets feel much better than any of the high thread count and very expensive sheets I have previously used.

I will continue to ONLY use Amadora sheets on our beds in the future! Once you feel them and sleep on them… you are hooked!”

-Jamie Folz, Hopkinsville, KY

“On behalf of St. Ann School in Morganfield Kentucky, we are thrilled with our decision to participate in the Amadora Sheet Fundraiser.

We decided as a staff to target our proceeds toward a particular need of our school, which is technology.

Our goal was to sell 650 sets of sheets, which would have been an average of 5 sets of sheets per family. We far exceeded our goal, selling over 820 sets of sheets. We are using the proceeds to purchase Elmo’s, digital projectors, and Smart Boards/Promethean Boards for our classrooms.

The service we received from Amadora Gift of Love has been great, their staff met with us, discussed our needs, met with individual classrooms to discuss “marketing advice” with our students, delivered the sheets in an organized manner, and were helpful in filling the orders of our customers.

St. Ann School technology is much improved today due to the fundraiser.”

-Mrs. Beth Hendrickson, Principal, St. Ann School, Morganfield KY

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  • Sample of brochure used during fundraisers
  • Sample order forms used during fundraisers
  • Fundraising Profit calculator

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